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Rufus - A Foster Update

Here is a little about Rufus and his life in a foster home. We have been fostering Rufus for the past three weeks and he has been doing absolutely wonderful. He may look a little intimidating to some people but he is the sweetest dog you'll ever meet. Of course since he is only one year old, he is full of energy and still in his puppy stage. When he sees people he gets super excited and has a tendency to jump, but he will listen when you tell him to get down.

The only dog we have ever seen him play or interact with is my little yorkie-poo. They have easily become best friends and love each other despite their sizes. The second he sees her, he won't stop watching or following her around. When he tries to play with her he will gently nudge her with his nose, which is absolutely adorable. They are best friends.

Rufus also loves kisses, hugs, and cuddling. He tends to think he is a lap dog also. Another one of his favorite past times is looking out the window. So if he gets bored and has finished chewing up all his toys all you have to do is pull the window blinds up and he is instantly entertained. Squeaky toys are his ultimate favorite but when it comes to his chewing, hard toys are the best. Although, you have to watch him with his squeaky toys so he doesn't end up eating the squeaker. Riding in the car is super exciting for him. We recently found out that if you roll down the windows he'll stick his head out and won't try to explore all over the car.

Any family would be lucky to have this sweet, cuddly, bundle of joy. Although he may be super energetic at times and likes to play rough, he would be a great addition to any loving family. Anyone who has spent any time with him has instantly fallen in love with him. Fostering Rufus has been an absolute blessing and I really hope he can find his forever home soon.

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