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Spay Today

Spay Today is a 501c3 non-profit organization which relies on the generosity of the community to fulfill their mission. Through your donations, they are able to provide low cost spay/neuter options for those who cannot otherwise afford this surgery.

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"Spay Today was founded in May of 2006 to help decrease the large numbers of euthanasia in Pitt and surrounding counties due to pet overpopulation in our shelters. Through spay/neuter programs such as Spay Today, we are helping save lives. We are a proud supporter of TNR and Community Cat Programs and work hand in hand with our local shelters, rescues and our community. To date we have completed over 72,000 surgeries!"

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Our partnership with Spay Today helps reduce the amount of time our animals stay in our care by being able to alter them and adopt them out into their forever homes. They are an amazing resource for Greenville as well as surrounding counties by offering low cost spay/neuters as well as a TNR program for cat colonies.

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