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Seniors for Seniors

Adoption Program



Our Seniors for Seniors program was developed to bring senior citizens the benefits of pet ownership together with senior pets who need loving homes at a reduced rate. Most senior pets unfortunately are overlooked in shelters due to age. Most senior citizens are looking for an older pet to care for instead of younger ones because older pets are usually house trained, more relaxed and easier to manage.


The health benefits of pet ownership for older adults can include motivation to exercise, alleviate depression and loneliness and reduce anxiety. Also pets can offer companionship, help someone overcome loss of a loved one, help people feel more comfortable in social situations and can increase appetite and improve moods of Alzheimer’s patients.


The Seniors for Seniors Adoption program offers all persons over the age of 60 to adopt at half the usual adoption fee. All animals are spayed/neutered, microchipped, up to date on all age appropriate vaccines, heartworm tested (dogs), FIV/FeLV tested (cats) and on flea prevention and heartworm prevention (dogs)


The Humane Society of Eastern Carolina is hoping this program will increase the lives saved of older pets and provide loving companionship for our senior citizens.


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