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Nubbins New Life

Just in case you needed an extra incentive to donate to us today, we want to introduce you to Nubbins. She is going to take some extra funds to get her healthy enough and ready to roll (literally) for adoption. We already have an adoption pending on this gal with one of our volunteers, which is beyond wonderful, but before we can send her on her way, we have to make sure she is healthy enough to move on.

You see, Nubbins was surrendered by her owner to the Pitt County Animal Shelter after Animal Control went to her home for a welfare check. She is a Shih-Tzu that was born with no front feet. She is completely missing her knee joint and just has tiny limbs in the front with no paw. She was also so severely matted that she could not move her back legs or straighten them out and the matting was stained in urine and feces. Our intake coordinator saw here there and couldn't leave her behind. On Tuesday we transferred her into our care and she immediately went into foster care with one of our staff members so that we could closely monitor her.

On Wednesday she went to Animal Hospital of Pitt County. The matting was so bad that they had to sedate her to remove them and the ones located on her rear legs had to be removed with a surgical knife. Once removed, she had an abscess on her rear leg that ruptured and was severely infected. It was irrigated and treated with an antibiotic spray and she was started on a round of oral antibiotics. The total bill for this was $70 thanks to a generous discount from the clinic. She is already moving much better, but her back legs have suffered some atrophy and her foster mom and her have started her physical therapy exercises to try to build her muscles back up. She will still need to be spayed as well, but we will make sure she is a little more stable first.

We are working with Shane Coltrain with Orthotics and Prosthetics East here in Greenville to work on getting Nubbins fitted for a special cart or prosthetic limbs to help her get around. We are so excited to see our community friends stepping in to help her out and help her get healthy so that she can live out a happy life in a happy home. Animals like Nubbins take extra funds before they are available to go home, but they deserve the extra time and money involved! While we aren’t able to take every special needs animal we come across because of limited funds, sometimes we just can’t help ourselves. Nubbins is kind and gentle and even has a silly side that we are seeing more and more of with each day. She is one of the many reasons we do what we do. Please help us continue our lifesaving work by donating to the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina. For now, Nubbins will be getting all the love and affection she needs with her foster family and we will keep you all updated on this precious baby's progress. DONATE NOW.

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