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Want to have a Rover Night?



What is Rover Nights, you might ask? A Rover Nights is where you take an HSEC dog home for an overnight sleepover.

HSEC supplies everything you will need for this short adventure. Crates, food, toys, treats, etc.

This is a fantastic way for our dogs to get a small break from the stressful shelter life while you earn the chance to make a massive difference for a dog in need for a short amount of time.

Rover nights are a great way to bring awareness to the dogs in our care.

You could be the connection to one of our dog's forever families, whether it be a post on your social media, a walk in your neighborhood, or a drive to get a pup cup.

In order to participate in HSEC Rover Nights, you must send an email to at least 24 hours in advance, and you must receive confirmation from an HSEC staff member before pick up.

If you are interested in participating in Rover Nights, don't forget to email us at



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