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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if someone found an animal or needs to re-home an owned animal?
A: Please visit the Surrender a Pet page of our website for information on this topic.


Q: Are you a county animal shelter?
A: No. We are a non-profit no-kill organization. We receive no county funding.

We also accept animals from outside of Pitt County and adopt to owners outside

of Pitt County.


Q: Does no-kill mean that you never euthanize?
A: No. We euthanize for health or behavior reasons. If an animal is aggressive,

we cannot allow the animal to be adopted out for obvious reasons. That is why

it is so important that we evaluate animals before they come into our facility.


Q: I found a dog or cat. Can you take them?

A: No. Since we are a no-kill, privately owned organization we cannot take lost or stray animals for quite a few reasons. The biggest of these is that we are not set up to facilitate the legal 72 hour hold period for owners to come find their lost animal before they are available for adoption. We also have no history or temperment test on these animals and would be unable to accept them into our adoption program without this. All lost or stray animals should be taken to the Pitt County Animal Shelter for their legal 72 hour hold if you cannot hold the animal yourself.

Q: Do you have paid staff?
A: We have 6 full time and 4  part time staff whom ensure that our facility meets the standards required by the state.


Q: Do you need volunteers?
A: Always! Click here for more information about volunteering and orientation.


Q: Why are you not open Monday-Thursday?

A: As an animal shelter, we operate 365 days a year. This means that we have staff on payroll 7 days a week. In order to reduce our payroll costs, we are only open to the public Thursday and Friday 1-5pm, Saturday from 11-4pm, and Sunday 1-4Pm for adoptions. Any staff working Monday-Wednesday is there to accommodate the animal's daily needs and care. We simply don't have enough money in our budget to cover weekday adoptions and animal care. Our animals come first for us and found our adoption numbers did not decrease with reduced adoption hours.

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