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Saving Lives...

Some people cannot understand how we do the work we do. Some say it must be depressing, others say it must be heartbreaking. As we walk through our shelters, we are faced with the decision of who we feel will be the best candidate for adoption. Which one can we save, which one will have the second chance? Will it be the fluffy puppy or the hound mix, will it be the pit bull or the poodle? Which one do we save today…?

It is a decision that is not taken lightly, it is one we face every day. Of course we want to save them all, but we just can’t. So, while we ponder over the endless number of homeless and abandoned animals, we make our choices. We leave the shelters happy for the opportunity to save a life and we leave the shelters with heavy hearts knowing that many will not see another day.

Our jobs as animal rescuers are important to us. We work every day hoping that one day we will no longer be needed. We work towards a day that our shelters will be bare and no animals will be abandoned or neglected. This is our dream and though it may seem impossible, we will never give up.

So as we work each and every day towards our dream, don’t forget about us. Don’t forget about our dream and the dreams of the endless animals awaiting your help. We ask for your help in our mission to help those in need. Be an advocate, donate, volunteer, and spread the word about pet overpopulation. You can make a difference; you just have to take the first step. We thank you for your continued support, saving one life at a time.. DONATE HERE

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