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Volunteer Information

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina! Volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization and vital to our success. Our devoted volunteers help our organization provide services we otherwise would not be able to afford.


Your volunteer experience should be fun, rewarding, and equally beneficial to the animals and HSEC. Volunteers help clean kennels, socialize animals, assist with off-site adoption stands, greet visitors to our facility, foster, and much more!

**Due to limited time and resources, we don't accept volunteers who need to complete community service hours at the suggestion of their lawyer or as mandated by the court.**




STEP 1 - Online Volunteer Application
  • Release of Liability Form must be signed prior to Orientation, click here.
  • New Adult Volunteers 16 and older, click here.

  • New Junior Volunteers ages 13-15, click here.


STEP 2 - Mandatory Volunteer Orientation
  • This is a mandatory PowerPoint presentation that will take no time to review.  

  • Volunteers will learn about HSEC, the basics of animal behavior, and basic handling skills.

  • Once you create your Log In name and password, you can access our HSEC Volunteer System.

Volunteers can also contact us at



Click here to access Point and sign-up for events.




Volunteers must be 13 or older. We know there are a lot of passionate kids in our community younger than 13 and we apologize that they cannot actively volunteer at the shelter due to insurance/liability reasons, but they can still be a part of the HSEC by planning a fundraiser or make special bandanas for the animals. We encourage ideas and hope they can still be a part of our family. 


  • Volunteers ages 13-17 must attend volunteer orientation with a parent/guardian.

  • Volunteers ages 13-15 are Junior Volunteers. They must be supervised by an adult (21 years+ who has also watched the orientation video) at all times.


We require all volunteers who want to work with the animals hands-on to watch the PowerPoint orientation. 


If you are volunteering for an off-site fundraiser or event, you do not have to watch the orientation video.

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