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Success Stories

OUR FAVORITE! It's wonderful when we hear how happy our adoptees are with their new families. We've posted a few below for you to laugh, cry, and get warm fuzzies over!


Do YOU have a success story? If so, please take a moment to let us know about it and send pictures if you can! You can send your stories to Many thanks! 

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Sperry & Dallas

Sperry came to us in 2019 from the Lenoir County SPCA. Not long after being in our care, we found Sperry having a seizure. We quickly rushed her to the vet. Sperry has grand mal seizures. Our veterinarian started her on medication, and we sent her straight into foster. Sperry was in foster for 5 months before her foster had figured what Sperry already knew, which was that she had already been in her forever home. Sperry is spoiled and has traveled to many states visiting family and friends with her parents. Sperry will forever be on medication, but her parents say that they are so happy to have her in their lives. 

Dallas came to us in 2020 from Bertie County Humane Society. He immediately went into foster with Sperry's parents.Sperry and her parents had just lost their senior lab Remi the month before, so they were not looking to adopt just yet, but Dallas had other plans. He quickly won over his foster mom but dad took a little more convincing, but Dallas was up for the task. You see Dallas's kind and overwhelming sweet soul reminded them of their previous pet Remi. Though they knew Dallas would never replace their lost friend, he brought something new to the family that they didn't realize they were missing.

Sperry and Dallas are siblings to a coonhound named Magnolia and a long haired tabby named Archie whose adoption story is at the bottom of this page!


When Orville came to HSEC, he was so shy that he would hide in corners and would cower away from a person's touch. HSEC decided to take applications to ensure we found the special family this little guy would need to flourish. Today, Orville is doing wonderfully, and we know he wouldn't have grown into the dog he is without his amazing mom! Here is what Orville’s mom has to say about this handsome boy:


“It has been almost one whole year since I listened to a voicemail saying I'd been chosen to be Orville's mom, and it has been the best year EVER! The first picture shows him sad and scared at the shelter [HSEC] after he and his brother were brought in. Now he is the happiest, always "smiling," always loving pup and I can't describe how much joy he brings to me every single day. This little guy went from being scared of the refrigerator door opening to Mr. Social Butterfly. He's never met a stranger, he LOVES going out on the boat, chasing sand fiddlers and digging holes, and running/wrestling with his best friends at the dog park. His favorite spot to sleep is with his head on the pillow next to me, and he especially loves being in front of a fan! Thank you HSEC for bringing Orville into my life, he truly is my best friend!


This sweet girl originally came to HSEC battered and bruised. She had been attacked by other dogs that she was in a pen with. Precious was bloodied, had numerous wounds, and was very swollen from her injuries. However, with a lot of love and TLC from HSEC staff and volunteers, Precious was quickly on the road to recovery. She owed much of her healing to her foster parents, who fell so in love with her that they decided to make her a permanent part of their family!. Precious has healed very well and is doing awesome in her forever home. We had Precious for 5 months before she was officially adopted by her foster parents.


Check out this note from Precious' Dad about how the sweet girl is doing now:

"After Danielle and I graduated, we all moved to Nashville, and presh is loving it down here. She is still the same lazy pup who loves to cuddle. However she loves adventures like going to the beach, or on hikes. She is starting classes to work on her anxiety around other dogs, and hopefully will be able to have a friend one day!"


“Ghost has been the best addition to my life. I started out fostering him in May of 2016. He was a shy and timid puppy who would take about 10 minutes to get out of his run and on a leash. I brought him home and he immediately took to my other dog Nollie, who was found as a stray. They truly bring out the best in each other. Ghost is full of love and constant energy, and I would not have it any other way. He loves to get out and run and chase toys, but he rarely brings them back. He would rather you try and get them from him. He is the most vocal dog I have ever had. If you aren’t looking at him and he wants attention, he will come up, paw at your leg, and start 'talking.' As a puppy, he was an escape artist from almost any kennel you would put him in; even if it was secure, he would break out. Ghost is a bed hog and thinks it’s his bed. Not a night goes by without hearing puppy snores right next to my ear since he is adamant about sharing my pillow. He loves the beach and riding on the boat; he spends his time at the beach chasing birds and will even swim out after them. As many bigger dogs do, he thinks he is a lap dog and is a third of his actual size. You can’t sit in the recliner or on the couch without him attempting to curl up in your lap. I recently started fostering again and he has helped to bring out a personality in the puppies we have brought home. While he’s not always an angel, he is truly a great dog. I am lucky that he was my ‘foster fail’, it took me less than 48 hours from getting him home to fill out the adoption application. I look forward to many more fun filled years with my fur baby.”




"Elsa (now known as Ellie) was adopted from HSEC in January 2016 by her parents Sascha and Kristen Jilg. What started out as a very shy and timid pup hiding under coffee tables has now flourished into a dog full of personality and spunk! Her favorite things to do include taking rides in the car, walking/running on the Greenville greenway and chasing squirrels. In fact, she is so obsessed with squirrels that she has earned the nickname "Squirrel"! Ellie also loves to go on hikes, and she has been to several NC state parks. In her parents' humble opinion, Ellie's personality is the perfect combination of spunk, adventure, chill, and "old lady". Ellie is full of energy, but when it is time for bed, she doesn't play around. She is known to run straight to her bed after coming in from her evening walk, even if it is before 9 o'clock. Her parents seem to think that she is pretty happy in her forever home. In the next few months, Ellie's parents are looking to adopt another furry family member, and when they do, it will be from HSEC!"


"The handsome Mr. Rutherford is living the life. He has his own bedroom (literally), so that his canine sisters can’t get to his food and litter box. He LOVES his canned food and is not afraid to yell for it! He’s the best boy I could ask for. FIV+ doesn’t define this man! Now that we have moved into a townhouse, he has decided that the stairs are his playground. He’s the most handsome, loving fella I could ask for."


Archie is doing great in his new home, and loves his canine siblings. Archie's favorite thing to do is watch birds out of the window. He is a big boy who loves to eat. Archie can be found lounging about or in the truck going through the drive thru. A few things Archie is not the biggest fan of include baths, snowy days that he is forced to take pictures in, and when his bowl is empty.

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