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Birthday Wishes

Animal lover Spencer has stepped up two birthdays in a row to help the animals! Instead of gifts for himself, he asked his friends to bring presents for the animals at the Humane Society! With four cats, a dog, a pony and a horse at home, Spencer is no stranger to animals and is very happy to help them. When he and his dad made a drop-off visit, he spent an hour visiting the dogs and playing with the cats! Thanks, Spencer, for your generous and animal-loving spirit!

If you know any kids – or adults – who would like to follow Spencer’s lead, here is our Wish List to print out and mail in invitations or you can check out our Amazon Wish List for some fun ideas. Our animals need all the friends they can get!

Please keep in mind that the only food we can use at our facility is Hill's Science Diet as we are under contract by them and it is healthier to feed our animals a consistent brand at all times. Don't worry though, anything that is donated that we cannot feed our animals gets passed on to the Pet Food Pantry to help feed hungry bellies! Wet food can be of ANY brand and is ALWAYS in demand here!

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