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WELCOME the Despicable Me Litter

Yesterday was a day of excitement for us at the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina. Staff members kept their phones close by so they could get updates as each puppy arrived. That's right, Miss Hattie had her puppies!

She went into labor on November 30 at around midnight. Poor girl took what seemed like forever before we began to see the puppies arrive. It was a LONG night and day for her foster Mom and our Executive Director, Bethann, but one by one Miss Hattie delivered eight beautiful and healthy puppies. She had four boys and four girls all named after the Despicable Me movies (hence the name Miss Hattie... we had a plan!)

Now puppies are adorable (we've never met an ugly puppy) and we are fully aware that having an animal from puppyhood creates a special bond, but we in NO way want to advocate irresponsible pet ownership and want to take a minute to talk about the situation. Miss Hattie and her crew were very lucky that we were able to step in and pull them from a high-kill shelter. Shelters are not designed for birthing puppies and even more so, aren't a healthy place for them to live. This puts them at high-risk of euthanasia to avoid disease and any suffering. We just can't imagine how horrible it would have been had all nine of these lives not had a chance for both this special little family AND the shelter workers that have the job of actually performing the euthanasia. It is never something they WANT to do and it often haunts them forever. So, how is all of this pain and suffering avoidable? By SPAYING AND NEUTERING YOUR PETS! You can visit Spay Today at for info on our communities low cost spay and neuter clinic.

Okay, now back to the cute stuff. Mom and babies are doing well so far and resting in their foster home. Miss Hattie is coming around with her fears and learning to trust and even let her foster Mom help her throughout delivery. That is progress! We are keeping our paws crossed that everything keeps getting better for this sweet little family. We are so thankful that we were able to save them. Each puppy will cost us no less than $100 in care. This does not include food! That is a $900 expense if you include Miss Hattie in the bunch. So, if you are able to contribute to their care, please do so today. Many thanks!

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