Adoptable Dogs


Featured Dog: Izzy

Izzy is searching for her forever home and is hoping it is with you. This big fluffy girl has a heart of gold to match her beautiful looks. She loves to get pets and is always up for some good scratches. Izzy can't wait to play and run around all of the time as she has plenty of energy to go around. She is as happy as can be and always up for the next adventure. Izzy loves to carry around her ball and will chase it endlessly if you throw it. Izzy can be true to the husky breed and be mouthy while playing at times so would do best with older kids or no kids. At the shelter, she appears to be housetrained. Izzy loves to get attention and wants to be the center of your world. She is on the search for a comfy home that will give her all of the love that this sweet girl deserves. Could Izzy be the missing part of your family?

All dogs must leave with a leash and collar. Adopters may bring their own or purchase one at our ReTail store.


The dog adoption fee is $200 and is not refundable. 

All HSEC dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped, up to date on vaccines, dewormed, and on flea and heartworm prevention before leaving our facility.