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The Humane Society of Eastern Carolina's mission is to serve as a safe haven for homeless and neglected pets until they find their forever home and to serve as a resource to the community. By educating the public about issues pertaining to animals, we feel that we can work towards the elimination of over breeding of dogs and cats and teach owners to be responsible pet owners. At the same time, we hope to facilitate adoptions of pets to good homes so that we can allow more unwanted animals to find a temporary home with us.

Interesting Facts:

  • HSEC has been around in one form or another since the 1920's.

  • In 2016, we placed 742 dogs and cats in their forever homes.

  • We have a no-kill philosophy and serve as one of Eastern North Carolina's few no-kill facilities.

  • We don't receive government funding on any level.

  • We aren't associated with the Humane Society of the United States.

  • We rely on fundraising, grants, and private donations to keep our doors open.

  • We found homes for feline leukemia and feline AIDS positive cats.

  • Some of our adopted animals have become service and therapy animals.

  • One HSEC alumni dog went on to work for the Pitt County Sheriff's Office..

  • All of our cats get out of their cages twice a day and all of our dogs get out of their runs three times a day.

  • We have over 200 volunteers who work with us annually. Want to help? Click here!



Humane Society of Eastern Carolina's Humane Education Program offers children of all ages the opportunity for hands on experiences to learn about our shelter, the animals we help and the important issues in animal welfare today.


The purpose of our Humane Education program is to provide a variety of unique learning experiences that support the bond between people and animals by nurturing knowledge, compassion, and respect toward all living things.


In addition to school presentations, we gladly offer informative presentations to any interested service group. We can provide a general animal welfare presentation or tailor it to cover specific topics of interest.


To schedule a service group presentation or if you have any questions, please call (252) 413-7247 or email us at


Our tours or presentations are provided free of charge. If possible, donations are always appreciated!


Click here to view the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina's 2016 Financial Statement.


Lifesaving Statistics

HSEC calculates our Lifesaving Percentage using the ASPCA's Live Release rate formula. We take total live outcomes and divide that number by our total live intakes. 

2018 lifesaving percentage 97.2%

2019 lifesaving percentage 98.1%

2020 lifesaving percentage 98.7%

2021 lifesaving percentage 93.7%

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