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A Thanksgiving Tradition

Two years ago, we received a call from the Pitt County Animal Shelter about a pregnant mama dog that needed saving and lots of TLC. Without much hesitation, our shelter director at the time made the call and decided she would take the financial risk and cost of pulling a pregnant dog. Within an hour, we had Mama in transport and on her way to her foster mother's house. Mama delivered seven live puppies and one stillborn on Black Friday of 2013 after going into labor on Thansgiving day. Mama was adopted before any puppies walked out the door which is AMAZING since usually the mothers stay long after pups have been adopted. Of course all seven puppies went home too and our Thanksgiving blessings had their happy ending, they even had a one year birthday party last year that was hilarious! We are always THANKFUL for their rescue.

This year, our Assstant Shelter Director was at the very same shelter trying to decide the animals that we could pull this week into our care. Again, there was a pregnant hound, but this one was a bit different. Unlike our Thanksgiving pull in 2013 that was skin and bones, but affectionate and outgoing, this girl was a healthy weight, but terrified of everything. Again, a call was placed and the same foster stepped forward to make the save. Miss Hattie will take a very special person to adopt her. Her fears make her extrememly shy and submissive and she does not trust quickly. Of course she will not be available for adoption for quite a while so we can tell you more about her journey as we go. You can follow Miss Hattie's story here on our blog and we hope that her adventure will capture your hearts so that she, too, will find her home and not be left behind. She has a story to tell and we can't wait for her to share it with us.

Here we go again...

Help Miss Hattie and her litter by donating today!

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