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We have started! We will see you next time!

The game will be played like a typical game of golf in that we will play for 18 days (or 18 holes of golf). Whoever has the lowest score after 18 days wins the game. The deal is that you must email your results every day from August 1st to August 18th to .

You'll see the option to SHARE your results after you play. In case of a tie, the tied winners will have a playoff each day until there is a winner (up to 5 days) after 5 days we will have a drawing.

We'll keep a tally on an Excel spreadsheet with your name and your daily score and send that out periodically.

Word on: 1st try = 1 or hole in one; 2nd try = 2 or eagle; 3rd try = 3 or birdie; 4th try = 4 or par; 5th try = 5 or bogie; 6th try = 6 or double bogie

If you miss playing a day or if you miss the word after 6 tries you'll automatically get a 7 for that day.

Winners will receive a gift card. 1st prize: $200 and 2nd prize: $100

Sponsored by: Capital Subaru of Greenville
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