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Special Event Volunteer

We have several other volunteer opportunities that do not require volunteer

orientation. Some events we host take place at different times throughout the year.


Volunteers are always welcome to help with all kinds of special events to include:


  • Canine Crawl (Fall) 

  • Fluff & Puff Dog Washes (Summer)

  • Holiday Gift Wrapping (December)


Volunteers are also welcome to donate their time by helping with ongoing
administrative opportunities as well. Let us know your strengths and skills!

To register to volunteer opportunities that do not require volunteer orientation, click here fill out a short volunteer sign up form. On the online form, you will be asked to create a password to access the online self-scheduling calendar.


Once you have completed the online volunteer sign up form, click on the Self-Scheduling Calendar link under the menu on the left. Please note that you will have limited access to the online self-scheduling calendar and will be able to see and sign up for limited volunteer opportunities. You can register for volunteer orientation at any time to become an active volunteer and be able to volunteer for all of our opportunities.


Once you sign in to the Volunteer Information Center, click on "My Schedule" choose a volunteer opportunity from the blue drop down box, then click on the green "Schedule Me" button and confirm.

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