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Fostering Love

Ever wanted the chance to make a difference? How about save a life? Join our Fostering Love program and become a foster family for an animal in need. Fostering provides a temporary home for an animal in need. This can mean a few days to a few months depending on an animals needs.

We have 3 different types of fosters. Urgent Fosters, Weekday Fosters and Vacation Fosters.

Urgent fosters are for animals that have a medical need that cannot be met at the shelter. This could mean they are too young (under 8 weeks) and need round the clock care, are recovering from a surgery or have started to mentally breakdown due to the stress of shelter living and need a comfy home enviornment to regain confidence and happiness.

Our Weekday Fosters can be any animal you wish to foster Monday-Friday while we are closed to the public. This gives the animals a nice break from the daily routine of shelter living. They receive a lot more one on one attention and learn the home environment. This is a GREAT way for us to learn more about the animals, too! Animals can be picked up Monday and must be returned to the facility before 11:30 am on Friday to be available for adoption over the weekend.

Vacation Fosters are exactly what they sound like...VACATION! If an animal has been in our facility for over 3 months, we try to give them a break from the shelter and place them in foster care for a period of no less than 2 weeks. This helps to keep them healthy and happy and break any bad habits that form from being institutionalized for long periods of time. Please consider volunteering as a foster family and help us SAVE MORE LIVES!

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