Rescued Whines Candle

Rescued Whines Candle


Here is a little bit of information about this awesome organization we partnered with. Rescued Whines is an organization that started in 2018. We love animals and wine so we combined our two loves to form a small business that gives back in many ways. We repurpose wine bottles to help our environment and donate a portion of each sale to local animal shelters and rescue groups. Our products include a variety of unique gifts. Products include soy wax candles, vases, flameless candles, sea glass, and stained glass items all made in part from recycled wine bottles. All of our products are handmade and therefore unique. Join us on Facebook and spread the word. A portion of all sales goes to local animal rescue. We hope you consider a purchase and join our mission to recycle and help our animals!

© 2021 by the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina

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