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To register as a volunteer, you will begin by filling out an online application. We require any volunteer that will be handling an animal at or away from our facility attend an hour and a half long Volunteer Orientation where you will learn a little about the HSEC, our facility, and some of our procedures and policies on animal handling. Once you are registered, you will then need to sign yourself up for a volunteer orientation that is convienient for you. You can register for your orientation at any time using the login and password you created on your application.


To register for your Volunteer Orientation, please click on the Self-Scheduling Calendar link under the menu to the left to access the online calendar. **Please note that as an applicant, you will have limited access to the online self-scheduling calendar and will only be able to see and sign up for limited volunteer opportunities. Once you attend volunteer orientation, you will have full access to the online self-scheduling calendar and will be able to see and sign up for ALL the volunteer opportunities.





Once you sign in to the Volunteer Information Center, click on "My Schedule" and choose "Volunteer Orientation" from the blue drop down box, click on the date that works best for you, and then click on the green "Schedule Me" button and confirm.


Step-by-Step Tutorial: You can find a step-by-step tutorial by clicking here.


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