HSEC is currently operating under a different adoption process. If you are interested in adopting one of HSEC's wonderful animals, please follow these steps:

-Download the Adoption Application from the homepage of our website: www.HSECarolina.org
-Complete the application and send it to AdoptHSEC@gmail.com
-A staff member will review your application and be in touch to set up an appointment time for you to meet with an Adoption Counselor

Appointments will be made during our usual Adoption Hours.

At this time, we will ONLY be able to walk adopters around after they have filled out the application and set an appointment time with HSEC staff. We will not be able to facilitate "walk-in" adoptions.

If you have any questions about this new adoption process, please feel free to reach out to us. You may also email us at HSECgeneral@gmail.com or call us at (252)413-7247.

Thank you and we are excited to match you with your perfect forever friend!

The Humane Society of Eastern Carolina is a private non-profit 501c3 organization that provides temporary housing, feeding, and medical care to animals in need. The Humane Society of Eastern Carolina’s mission is to serve as a safe haven for homeless and neglected pets until they find their forever home and to serve as a resource to the community. By educating the public about issues pertaining to animals, we feel that we can work towards the elimination of over breeding of dogs and cats and teach owners to be responsible pet owners. At the same time, we hope to facilitate adoption of pets to good homes so that we can allow more unwanted animals to find a temporary home with us.


Help us by donating, adopting and volunteering.

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Featured Dog


On September 20th, we got a call about a mom(know known as Nala) and puppies abandoned on the side of the road. Long story short, when we got to Nala, we quickly realized that puppies were nowhere around. We believe someone took Nala's puppies from her before we could get there to save everyone.

Nala's past is largely unknown to us, but what we do know is that she is incredibly resilient. She may have not always had the best interactions with humans, but Nala has chosen to move on from her past and enjoy the love she receives these days. Nala is very shy upon first meeting but will come around with a little gentle coaxing (treats help a lot)! Female humans tend to make her less nervous, but she is quickly learning to love our male visitors. Once she feels confident with you, get ready! Because you will see a new Nala- playful, silly, and bouncy. She is a toy fanatic and she loves interactive toys that let her use her brain. Nala is dog friendly, bonding particularly well with male dogs. We do believe she would do well with cats with a proper introduction.

Photos by Mady Noel


Featured Cat

White Rabbit

Okay, so I am not a white rabbit, but my mom's name is Alice so you get the drift. I am an easygoing guy but I enjoy lap time and gentle petting. I am not crazy about loud noises or rough play. I do like playing with toy mice and rolling around with my brothers. Cuddling is nice and I like to follow my human to solicit a bit of playtime.

Humane Society of Eastern Carolina is a proud member of the Greenville-Pitt County Chamber of Commerce.

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